Introducing HAMMAR recovery & towing vehicle

2017-01-05 | 11:21 | admin

We at Hammar are excited to take a step into a completely new handling area for the HAMMAR sideloader; vehicle towing and vehicle recovery! Below is a short demonstration of the new special built HAMMAR recovery and towing unit in action. Expect more in the near future!


  • Lifting capacity: 25 metric tonnes (55000 lbs)
  • Flip a vehicle when it is lying on its side
  • (For the US): Can load a 12,2′ high truck and manage recommended height for bridge clearance 13,6′.
  • Chassis expands/retracts between 25′ and 40′
  • Optional sliding cranes and ability to handle containers and flats.

Interested? Please contact us on the links below!




New Zealand